Put your business on the map with Installment Manager

One of the top three reasons for consumers to take a loan is to finance their next vacation. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. If a big family is planning one big vacation per year, why don’t you offer them a travel loan to help spread the cost over 12 payments? At the same time, if you deal with legacy BNPL, your customer becomes their customer, and there is a big chance that they will draw them to another travel agency for their next trip.

With Installment Manager, travel companies that have their own have the ability to set their own financing terms and close more deals on the spot. Installment Manager makes consumer financing easy.


Set your tours apart and increase conversion rates.

Easily add Installment manager to your checkout or use it at POS.

Keep all data in-house and don't let anyone take control over your customers.

Tarya provides Travel companies with flexible white-labeled Installment Manager to enrich their offering with their own lending service. You can set up your own payment for different travel products and customer segments. All data stays in-house, you can use these insights for your marketing and upsell, as Installment Manager supports multiple purchases.

Stop chasing your customers and help them live the dreams they chase. With our revolutionary Travel-Now-Pay-Later solutions – the Next-Gen BNPL – you can boost sales and dramatically increase customer loyalty.

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