BNPL 2.0 for Auto Loans More than just a common BNPL

Launch your own loan product. Secure more deals, and generate new revenue streams. Choose your risk level and keep all your customer data in-house.

Grow your business with your own loan service

Enrich your business with next-generation payment options to increase sales and generate new revenue streams.

Our self-service BNPL 2.0 solution provides your business with an intuitive plug-and-play widget to easily launch your own consumer credit solution. Embed our BNPL 2.0 into any website / in-store (point of sale) as an alternative payment method to boost sales conversions. Common BNPL solutions provide lending to your customers and at the same time take ownership over them (“stealing them”), Tarya BNPL 2.0 provides the buy-now-pay-later solution while leaving you in full control over your customers. Control the entire customer experience from purchase to funding and choose between taking all the risk or having us take it instead (premium service).

Your business. Your credit terms.

Create credit/loan products that are best suited for your customers.

We believe merchants know their business and their customers best, therefore they should be able to fully control the financial terms of their credit offering (installments, interest rate, etc.) Our lending solution takes care of risk management to reduce fraud and defaults, while maximizing the company’s revenue stream.

Tarya provides merchants with a comprehensive management dashboard to monitor and control the entire loan operation, mitigate risk, and grow your business.

Risk or No Risk. You decide.

Choose the risk path best suited for your business.

Risk is yours – you take on the credit risk, but enjoy higher revenues from interest payments.

Risk is ours – you prefer no risk and choose to insure your credit contracts, for which you pay an insurance premium.

Both risk options benefit from our advanced AI and ML risk assessment engine to minimize your risk upfront. Each borrower is profiled using a multi-data layer to provide you with an immediate and accurate risk assessment for each loan request.

You decide which risk level you prefer for your credit products.

Designed and developed by financial experts

Tarya employs a team of financial experts and skilled developers with deep financial expertise to create a cloud-based financial lending platform that complies with financial regulation, while delivering a user-friendly and automated lending process across the entire loan lifecycle.

Our experts provide valuable insights and work closely with our customers on their financial models and integration to ensure a smooth and optimal launch of their own lending service.

See what’s under the hood

So much more than a standard BNPL solution

All the features you need to successfully deploy an
Embedded Finance (BNPL 2.0) loan service for your business.



Add our BNPL payment solution to your online store in no time, via a simple and intuitive interface


Optimize your financial terms based on your business needs (# of payments, level of risk, interest rates)


Manage your business using our comprehensive loan management dashboard



Customizable & dynamic onboarding flow

Our Enhanced BNPL solution includes several main modules to deliver a holistic loan service.

Loan Origination

An optimized onboarding funnel enabling both the borrower and agent/sales-rep to apply for a new loan.

Risk Management

Customer profiling based on multiple data sources (Financial/Credit Bureau data, Organizational data, Digital Profiling and Online Psychological Assessment). The accumulated user data is analyzed and our AI assigns a credit score for each borrower providing an immediate and in-depth risk assessment for each loan request.

Credit Management

A comprehensive platform to manage all aspects of the loan management lifecycle.

Customer Onboarding Flow

Auto loan management software is a loan management solution specifically designed for car dealerships. It helps speed up and simplify the entire auto loan lifecycle, from loan origination and risk assessment to loan management and servicing.

Since not many auto finance software solutions come with high levels of customization to satisfy both car dealers and buyers, Tarya Fintech is here to change that. Tarya’s solutions provide outstanding business and lending technologies that are tailored to a company’s needs to give them a competitive edge in the auto industry.

Car loans are secured loans. A secure loan has collateral, which is an asset a broker/lender accepts as a security to provide funding. In the case of a car loan, the actual car is considered collateral.

Here we should also explain that until a car loan is paid, it’s the lender that owns the car in their role as a lienholder.

Car finance is a term that covers various options to help you buy a car (either new or second-hand), which usually involves an initial deposit and then regular installment payments. Car finance can include diverse options, such as taking a loan, leasing, or hiring purchase agreements.

A car loan, on the other hand, is a narrower term – one of the many car finance options available. In fact, car loans are among the most popular financing options to buy a car. For example, if you get a loan from a bank, you receive the money in your account and then start paying regularly to the car dealer of your choice.

That said, nowadays, car dealers can also provide financing options directly to their customers via customizable and straightforward loan management solutions, such as those provided by Tarya Fintech.