Sell more and increase customer loyalty with Installment Manager

It’s no a secret that Buy-Now-Pay-Latter solutions boost sales and increase customer loyalty. Shoppers love installments, as they enable them to afford the products they need. However, dealing with legacy BNPL leads to high fees and the risk to lose customers that become belong to the lending providers.

Retailers that provide their own lending service as a part of offering get a competitive advantage empowering their relationship with shoppers and protecting their data. Installment Manager makes consumer financing easy.


Split payments to sell more

Easily add Installment manager to your checkout or use it at POS

Keep control over your customers and their data

Tarya provides Retailers with flexible white-labeled Installment Manager to enrich their offering with their own lending service. You can set up your own payment for different products and customer segments. All data stay in-house, you can use these insights for your marketing and upsell, as Installment Manager supports multiple purchases.

With our revolutionary Installment Manager – The Next-Gen BNPL – you can Increase conversions and generate new revenue streams, while control stays in your hands.

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