Help customers thrive by launching your own lending service

If you’re an insurance company looking to branch into the lending market and increase your ARPU, then you’re in the right place! Tarya Fintech offers an end-to-end solution to help you create and launch quickly and securely. Our comprehensive suite of technology and expertise allows you to leverage your user database and unique marketing and behavioral insights for a competitive advantage in the financial market.

Tarya goes beyond traditional SaaS collaboration by offering you True Partnership. Our experts provide valuable insights and work closely with our customers on their financial models and integration to ensure a smooth and optimal launch of their own lending service.


Add your own credit solution and tap into new revenue streams.

Save time and money working with our risk modules and vetted technology.

Benefit from in-depth user data and increase customer loyalty.

Tarya Fintech provides an all-in-one lending platform including Loan Origination, Risk Assessment, and Loan Lifecycle Management for both Unsecured and Asset-Based Loans. You get a One-Stop-Shop solution enabling you to manage loans at any stage, create new lending products and score your customers by leveraging your unique customer insights.

Our lending platform is a field-tested solution deployed at multiple customer locations to power a diverse set of lending services. Retain all the flexibility to self-manage your lending products, while knowing that you can fully rely on a robust, scalable, and vetted solution.

Empower your lending business with Tarya Fintech