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Loan Management

Loan software, or loan management software, is a software solution designed to automate and improve the entire loan lifecycle. It can optimize processes, such as loan origination, underwriting, loan management, and servicing. Also, it can ensure compliance with financial regulations. No wonder more businesses are turning to such technology to reduce errors and streamline their operations.

Loan Origination software is an advanced tool that aims to optimize and speed up the loan origination process, in particular. This includes application, and underwriting. Such software helps lenders reduce risks by assessing a borrower’s creditworthiness and also supports borrowers by providing self-service features and transparency.
Risk management is an essential component of the lending business operations. Such technology gives access to a variety of data sources, aiming to identify and mitigate risks related to individual credits and the entire company’s portfolio.
Tarya Installment Manager stands out as it provides not only tailored-made solutions based on your business needs but a true partnership to help you succeed in the long term. Serving as a lender, you can set your own flexible financial terms based on your business needs and choose a level of risk. Unlike other BNPL solutions, Tarya Installment Manager supports multiple purchases, so you can sell more. Moreover, you own your customer data and use it for upsales without need to pass your customer to 3rd party lenders.
Yes, we offer consumer financing that works can work both online and at point of sale. If you decide to offer Installment Manager out of your online store, you can simply generate payment links and share them via text messages or email.

Definitely! Tarya offers you a white-labelled solution. Once again, integration is seamless and fast, helping you reach and onboard new customers with ease.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is essential to support businesses in providing financing and expanding their services. Risk assessment tools help analyze a borrower’s creditworthiness based on income, debt, employment, and more. The good news is that Tarya provides both non-financial and financial institutions with the necessary tools and data to mitigate risks and increase profitability.
A credit bureau is defined as a credit reporting agency that collects information about a borrower’s financial situation in order to determine their credit score. Tarya partners with numerous credit bureaus to extract online financial data and assess future repayment capabilities.
A risk score is a score used to predict a borrower’s creditworthiness and their ability to repay a loan. Based on different layers of complex data, Tarya assigns a score between 1 and 1,000 to help you mitigate risk and optimize your offerings.

Earned Wage Access

The Earned Wage Access (EWA) allows employees to access their already earned wages on-demand, before a traditional pay cycle. It can also be referred to as salary on-demand, instant, or early pay.
Employees can easily request their earned wages using our mobile app when they need it. The amount available depends on the individual’s regular compensation and the number of hours they have worked during the pay period.
The early-paid wages is automatically deducted from the next payroll amount so the company should not take any additional action to procced with the money movement.

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