About Us

Who we are

Tarya combines financial expertise and know-how with advanced in-house developed technologies that are the foundation for creating, implementing, and supporting our customers to successfully launch financial services.

Our team consists of multi-disciplined and international professionals and includes accountants, statisticians, economists, and data system experts.

Enabling loan services for every business

As a leading service provider in the continuously evolving FinTech market we have developed a unique Financial Platform as a Service (F-PaaS™) enabling companies to easily provide end-to-end financial services to their customers.

Using F-PaaS™ companies are empowered to further monetize their customer base by adding new revenue streams based on fully integrated credit/loan services.

Companies immediately benefit from a strong upside to their business results driven by increased customer lifetime value, and improved customer retention.

Delivering substantial value through advanced AI technology

Tarya developed a unique AI based risk decision solution that is at the core of our credit/loan platform.

Our technology enables a fast deployment and minimizes financial risks for lenders and businesses, while automating and accelerating the loan approval process for an increased deal flow.

By tapping into multiple data sources simultaneously our AI is capable of producing an accurate and immediate risk assessment for every borrower.

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